Wednesday Fishing Update

Today the sun is shining, birds are singing water is pretty and calm and its almost warm. Monday on the other hand it was raining sideways, strong winds, big seas. Yesterday 155, 124 lb halibut, Silvers have been slow the last two days, mainly because of the windy conditions. I expect them to pick up later in the week. The Silvers that we are getting right now are big. Many are starting to get that hooked nose. I really like this time of year, we may get a storm now and again, but the fishing is normally very good and the Silvers are big.

Aug 25 Fishing Update

Silver/Coho Salmon were strong this week. Some of the days the boats were limiting before noon. They were caught from Yakobi to Three Hill. Depths varied from 50' to the surface. We had several boats just using the deep six diver and limiting every day. The biggest Halibut this week was caught by Andy at 158 lbs. I told Jerry I would not tell where they caught it so this one will have to stay in the vault. We had lots of 50 - 80 lb halibut also. The weather was good this week. We needed a good week after the last two. It rained heavy at times but not all day, was more of a heavy rain for a 1/2 hour then it would stop. Kelly

Aug 20 Fishing Update

I normally do fishing updates at the end of the week on Fridays. Thought I would break from the normal, and do something different. Last week was amazing to see the worst and best weather. Monday and Tuesday were a real test, very windy conditions and rough open water conditions. And the very exact opposite for Thursday and Friday. Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday were some of the calmest days I have ever experienced. Saturday flying back to Elfin Cove was a special experience. Flying above the peaks you could see so far in every direction, and the water was like a mirror every where you looked. I was sitting up front with Kyle (Pilot) no words were said we just kept shaking our heads

Aug 18 Fishing Update

Last week I found myself saying, " I hope this rain gets the salmon moving" I would like to officially retract that statement. Silvers moved all right. Monday and Tuesday we had no silvers and strong winds and rough open ocean conditions. I believe the Silvers all decided to move inside. The reports from the commercial fleet is that they are all still off shore and headed our way. If that is true the next few weeks might be pretty crazy! Our best fishing days were Thursday and Friday. Several boats limited on Silvers and we had lots of halibut. The biggest for the week was 131 lbs. Silvers were deep one day 70' then Friday they were in the top 30'. We had a shark take a salmon nea

Aug 11 Fishing Update

We have a 5 day 6 night package, Sunday to Saturday morning. One of the main reasons we do the 5 days of fishing, is because it relieves a lot of pressure both on the guest/fishermen and the Lodge Owner. Weather is a huge factor in fishing Alaska. By fishing 5 days it is very rare that you will get 5 really bad days. This week we saw big winds, big seas, and major amounts of rain. Thursday and Friday were pretty good we had several boats limit on Silvers. The dryers got well used every night getting everything dry for the next day. I have not seen an official measurement yet, but I think we got over 8" of rain this week. The biggest halibut was 152 lbs, the 2nd biggest was 150 lbs,

Aug 7 Weather Update

Weather is a huge factor in fishing in Alaska. 2 weeks ago we had the flattest calmest water ever. The past two days have been really the opposite. 30 kt winds with heavy rain. We have not been able to get out to Yakobi this week yet. Fishing has mainly been around Three Hill and George Island, and on the other side of South Pass Shaw Islands and Dundas Bay. Tuesday Evening .SMALL CRAFT ADVISORY THROUGH WEDNESDAY... Synopsis: A weather front will move into the eastern Gulf by Tue night. The front will gradually move onshore SE AK Wed through Thu. Tonight S wind 25 kt. Seas 7 ft. Rain. Wed

Aug 4th Fishing Update

What a Salmon year. Last week was pretty good and I thought we were on an up swing. Silvers were very slow this week. We did have some rough open ocean conditions that did not help. On Wednesday we had a boat release 5 kings and lost one at the boat that they think was a 50 lb or bigger. Fog Fog and more fog has been the story for the past 8 days or so. On Friday we had a very windy day. Cape Spencer recorded gusts over 40 kts. Not fun to have a windy day, but maybe the fog will end its occupation? Biggest halibut for the week was 227 lbs. It was caught by Jim in about 120 feet in Dundas Bay. Larry caught a 165 lb Halibut, he was fishing with Todd, every year Todd seems to find a

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