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Aug 18 Fishing Update

Last week I found myself saying, " I hope this rain gets the salmon moving" I would like to officially retract that statement. Silvers moved all right. Monday and Tuesday we had no silvers and strong winds and rough open ocean conditions. I believe the Silvers all decided to move inside. The reports from the commercial fleet is that they are all still off shore and headed our way. If that is true the next few weeks might be pretty crazy! Our best fishing days were Thursday and Friday. Several boats limited on Silvers and we had lots of halibut. The biggest for the week was 131 lbs. Silvers were deep one day 70' then Friday they were in the top 30'. We had a shark take a salmon near the boat.

This week was amazing how the weather went from nasty to flat gorgeous calm! As I flew back to Elfin Cove on Saturday afternoon it was like time stood still. It was so clear and calm you could see for miles in every direction. Alaska is amazing! Looking forward to next week to see what the silvers do. I am expecting the next few weeks to be really good fishing!


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