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Aug 20 Fishing Update

I normally do fishing updates at the end of the week on Fridays. Thought I would break from the normal, and do something different.

Last week was amazing to see the worst and best weather. Monday and Tuesday were a real test, very windy conditions and rough open water conditions. And the very exact opposite for Thursday and Friday. Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday were some of the calmest days I have ever experienced. Saturday flying back to Elfin Cove was a special experience. Flying above the peaks you could see so far in every direction, and the water was like a mirror every where you looked. I was sitting up front with Kyle (Pilot) no words were said we just kept shaking our heads and mouthing the word WOW. It was amazing!

The big rumors on the docks in Elfin Cove is that there is a huge school of Silvers off shore. If this is true we are in for a big rush here the last three weeks. Hoping the rumors are true. We started to see some really big Silvers Thursday and Friday. The biggest was 17 lbs. Many that were over 12 lbs. It did not seem to be on any particular color that worked better than the other. Getting the right depth seemed to be important. One day they were 70 - 100' deep, then the next day they seemed to be in the top 30'. Most of them were caught out in front of Yakobi Rock.


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