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June 10th - 17th 2012

Monday started out with rain and wind - Bob got a 134 lb halibut south of three hill. He and Brett saw a bunch of big arcs on the finder and as soon as Bob hit the bottom with his jig he was hooked up. Took him over 45 minutes to get it to the boat, 5 runs to the bottom. Bob’s back was very sore, but he did not complain at all??? 2 kings today and one big halibut lost to a crimp failure on the harpoon tip. Not a bad day considering the wind and rain. Still very cold waiting for it to warm up.

Tuesday was not as much rain, but still pretty windy.

Wednesday was much better weather. 5 kings today, 2 Coho, 4 pinks, several yellow eye with some black sea bass mixed in. Close to limits on halibut. What we are seeing with the kings is that you have to go down the coast a bit to get into good king fishing. The sea lions took three kings from one boat.

Thursday was again pretty nice day with a bit of rain. Friday ended with a 90 lb & 70 lb & two more 70 lb halibut on the dock. All in all a pretty good week, colder than normal temps and two windy days. Maybe summer will show up for next week?


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