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2011 Fishing Summary

Summary of 2011 Season

Mary and I would like to say thank you, to all of the guests that supported us during our first season in Elfin Cove, AK. Thank you, Thank you, you all made it possible and we will be forever grateful to you!

Things learned:

We have a Chinook/King Run! King fishing is quite different here in Elfin Cove, I can confidently say that if you do your homework and have some fishing experience, you will be able to take a boat out of Elfin Cove and catch Kings from mid-May to late-June.

Great equipment! We are really pleased with the response we are getting from the guests about the boats. The boats are better than we could have hoped. They handle all types of water safely and comfortably. The boats are amazing, we are confident you will find them a very valuable tool in going after the big fish out of Elfin Cove!

Run timing - We started catching Coho/Silvers in late-June and in my opinion they peaked around the middle of August. After the middle of August we had one slow week and then we started getting big silvers and lots of them. The very last week we were still catching good Silvers.

The best time for Halibut seemed to be the first of August. I remember one day we had 3 -100 lb Halibut on the dock; it was a late night processing all that fish. We had a few guests that wanted to take home Pink salmon but the majority of our guests did not take home any pink salmon, silvers were the main red meat in the fish boxes going home.

Bottom Fishing! Black Bombers, Ling Cod, Yellow Eye, great to eat, and a ton of fun to catch with the right tackle. The bottom fishing out here is just spectacular. Many reports came in of a big ling cod grabbing on to other rock fish as they were trying to swim away from the hook in their mouth. In late August we had one guest report a 5’ shark trying to get his silver salmon. Very exciting to see so many different species of fish.

Fishing grounds are close. We are really delighted that the fishing grounds are so close to Elfin Cove. In the spring when we are chasing Chinook/King is the only time we need to travel to get into fish. The majority of our guests fished within 3 – 5 miles of Elfin Cove for Coho/Silvers, Halibut, and Rock fish.

The highlights of the year:

Biggest Halibut 141 lbs – Chinook/King 39 lbs – Coho/Silver 17 lbs – Ling Cod 52 lbs. Great food & excellent accommodations. We have plenty of great weeks still available. Call today and book a trip with us for 2012!

Kelly & Mary Crump

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