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July 29 - Aug 4 2012

What a week we have had! Halibut were plentiful...142lbs, 130lbs, 98lbs, 94lbs, 82lbs, 71lbs and the list goes on with to many to count in the 40 - 70lb range. The boxes were not only filled with halibut, salmon were caught everyday making a nice mix of salmon and halibut in each box that went home this week.

The Coho salmon are starting to be in the 10-12lb range and will keep getting bigger as the season goes on. We are seeing more and more of the Coho on the dock each day. The fishing has been so hot that we have had halibut and salmon in each boat almost everyday.

I guess it is safe to say that this summer is not going to be warm and sunny. We continue to have cold wet weather but it isn’t slowing down the fishermen/fisherwomen. We had some small storm fronts come in resulting in heavy rain and sea swells but didn’t slow the fishing.

If you are coming to fish, we recommend a pair of neoprene gloves and arm/back are going to need both!!

Kelly & Mary

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