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Aug 26 - Sep 1 2012

Last year this group experienced some really windy conditions here in Cross Sound. Monday and Tuesday were very wet and very windy. And then what a contrast for Wednesday. Nearly 70 degrees calm water blue skies! It was paradise! The weather continued to be great the rest of the week. Next week is forecasted for rain, so we will see what happens.

Salmon has slowed this week. But they are big. When you hook into one it is a good 12 - 15 lb Coho. Biggest halibut for the week was 104 lbs. The last two weeks for halibut though have been less than our normal average. It could be time for the halibut to start their migration? The fall colors are starting to show up. And the other day we had a v shape formation in the sky - Canadian Geese heading south. Mary and I often get asked when our favorite time to fish would be. Without a doubt I would say September. The male Coho have a big garbanzo beak, and they are big. Only one more week left for the 2012 season.

Kelly & Mary

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