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June 30 - July 6 - 2013

Sunday night I heard - “Why get up early we are on vacation the fish will still be there when I get up” I thought wow maybe an easy week, yahoo. The 4th of July was the breakout day. The Felters from Syracuse came in with a 117, 104 and a bunch of 60 to 80 lb halibut. As soon as we got those in the freezer another boat showed up with a 105 lb halibut, this cycle continued all day until Gary showed up with the climax of the day. A 138 lb Halibut! They had two others that they lost that were as big as this one. One boat got their limit of Silvers.

Silvers are being caught just off of George and Three Hill, and the Halibut hots spots were key hole and Texas! Yes I said Texas, it has been quiet this whole spring very excited to see it come back to life! Halibut are being caught in 100 foot or less depths. Weather has been pretty good, it has rained two days of the week and was a bit windy on the 4th. This was supposed to be a slow week for salmon but to our surprise it has been pretty steady. No Kings caught this week.


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