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July 28 - Aug 3 - 2013

Another great week for weather. We had the usual fog in the morning, but for the most part calm winds and little rain. Biggest halibut of the year was caught this week. 193 lbs! Way to go Walt! We had another 173 lb halibut come in also. The Silvers were stronger this week than last week. Most were caught by Three Hill and in front of Bird Rock. One boat caught 9 Silvers while anchored up fishing for halibut, the fishing slowed for halibut so they put their salmon rods out and had a great time. No Kings caught this week. No Ling Cod either. Lots of Sea Bass were in the boxes though going home. We had several 14 lb Silvers this week and one was 16 lbs. The big halibut were caught by Bird Island.


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