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Aug 3 - 9 - 2014

Monday and Tuesday were not the best weather days. The rest of the week was pretty good though, calm water in open ocean. Mark & Kris found the salmon in front of three hill and kept catching them until they went home. They also hooked into a 161 lb Halibut. They caught it in the secret spot. There is a story behind the why it is called “the secret spot” We also had a 166 lb halibut and several more in the 100 lb class caught off of Soap Stone Point.

It seems as though the dry spell for silvers has ended. For a couple of weeks we had a hard time finding them, now they seem to be moving through in good numbers, guests were catching them 60’ down and 20 ‘ down on the down riggers. A small hoochie with a tinsel skirt was getting the most attention. This week we have some big tides coming, will be interesting to see if the Silver fishing heats up. For those of you getting ready to head to Elfin Cove in the next couple of weeks, pull up this website and do some studying!


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