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June 12th Week

Here it is Friday again. The weeks are flying by. This is the end of our 2nd week. The halibut was much better this week thank last week, but still a bit slower than normal in my opinion. The biggest for the week was caught by Tom Anderson 139 lbs. Very exciting to see Tom come in with that fish. He had a 100 lb Halibut on his bucket list and has been chasing one for some time, so he was more than pleased to get such a trophy halibut! Monday and Tuesday were pretty slow and Wednesday was our best day overall for halibut.

We had one King come in this week and a couple of silvers and no pinks or chums yet. The majority of the guests this week fished for Halibut primarily. This next week we have guests coming that primarily fish for Kings, so I am anxious to see how they do. Still waiting to see this big explosion of pinks. We are expecting a big pink year.

Today (Friday) we are seeing 30 kt winds, not good fishing conditions at all. This week was really pretty good for weather though, we had some red faces on Thursday, Monday and Tuesday it would rain hard then clear up then rain hard again.

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