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Sunshine, Sweet Berries & Salmon Salad

Sunday Morning it rained. I'm not talking the misty rain we get all the time, I'm talking buckets, a full on deluge, mixed with sheets of rain and a downpour just for fun. We changed our Sunday outfit from our usual vest to a wind breaker to finally full rain gear. All morning I thought, "Oh man, summer is over and fall is here, bummer."

Then...the most amazing thing happened, the clouds moved on and the Sun Came Out! We have had several days of sunshine and warm. Yeah for a little more summer and sunshine.

One thing a good soaker rain followed by sunshine does is ripen up the wild berries. All along the boardwalk there are Salmon Berries and Blue Berries.

Salmon berries come in all shades of reds and purples and orange. My kids love them, they look like a monster raspberry, for me they have one major flaw...when they were created an extra dash of bitter was added and the scoop of sugar needed to combat the bitter was left out completely. Some of the locals make syrup and jam with me it tastes like bitter and sugar. Needless to say I am happy to let the kids pick and eat all they want.

The blueberries on the other hand, I am a fan. Throw those in pancakes, muffins, yogurt, mmmm straight off the bush works for me too! Honestly, I really like to go berry picking with my kids because of the happy conversations that take place.

After trying to dodge rain drops and picking berries nothing hits the spot like a tasty snack or sandwich. Chef Bruce makes a pretty amazing Salmon Salad which is great as a sandwich, on crackers or to be honest, by the fork full!

While it is still summer, to me nothing says holiday gatherings like salmon salad or halibut dip....luckily we don't have to wait of the holidays!

Why, oh why, do these posts make me drool while writing them?!

Salmon Salad

Start by cooking your salmon. Often at the lodge we make salmon salad with our left over Tuesday Night Salmon (see previous post). If you are not using leftovers season your fillets with salt and pepper, or maybe a little lemon or cajun or blackening or lemon pepper or Johnny's seasoning, or Lowry's seasoning or no get my point, anything goes.

Here is where some personal preference comes in...when eating salmon salad as a sandwich I really like the the crunchy chunky salmon salad but if I'm eating it on crackers I like the finer diced ingredients. If by the fork full...who cares? I shovel it in!

Crumble up your salmon, remove the sure to take your time with this process, nothing kills a good salmon salad by catching a bone in your throat....experience talking there! I am not a fan of the fishy taste so I also remove the grey fat from the skin side. At this point, try not to start eating all the salmon crumbled in the bowl...I know...guilty.

Once the fish is crumbled in a bowl combine all the remaining ingredients. Once it is mixed, taste it (not eat it) and salt and pepper to taste. are all drooling now! Here is the recipe...

Salmon Salad

Bruce Chef "you can eat it immediately but it is best when it has set for about an hour."

3lbs Cooked Salmon

1/2 medium Red Onion - fine diced, or chunky if you like

1 TBS Garlic chopped

1 TBS Old Bay

1/4 Cup Dijon

1 TBS fresh Dill or 2 TBS dry Dill

Dash Tabasco

3 Cup Mayo

Salt & Pepper to Taste

1. Crumble salmon and remove bones

2. Combine all ingredients in a bowl

3. Enjoy


Lighter version: Substitute 1 cup Sour Cream for 1 cup Mayo

**I prefer the sour cream substituted, it makes a lighter salmon salad**

Salmon Ball: Substitute 2 cups cream cheese and 1 cup sour cream for the mayo. Chef Bruce: "beat the crap out of the cream cheese and sour cream before you add the salmon and other ingredients."

Enjoy ~ Momma Mary

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