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October 9th

Sorry for the delay in the blog. Our last guests left the lodge on the 7th of September. We had good weather for the trip to Juneau with the boats, and they were all on land by Sunday night. Our crew worked great together and everything went very well. Jeremy and I then flew back out to Elfin Cove to help finish shut down. The nice thing about this was when I got there Chris Peter and Abe had everything completed. They winterized all of the buildings and had everything put away for the winter. Jeremy and I then took the Admiral and the Yellow Stabi Craft black bear hunting. The first night we had a bear on the beach, but when we got to shore and got set up he went in the trees, lucky for the bear he did not come back out. We then saw a couple other bears that were small and had one encounter with a brown bear on South Creek. So our tags are good for next spring so we will try again in the spring.

Mary is busy firming up the weeks, we did have a few cancelations so some of the weeks have some openings. If you know of anyone that might be interested please let them know.


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