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Aug 7th Fishing Update

Silver Salmon - I would say at this point the big schools of Silver salmon have not showed up yet. Are catching Silvers? Yes, but you have to work at it and stick with it to get your limit. Three Hill to Yakobi Rock are the main areas of focus. A small purple hoochie seems to work the best, we are seeing those little needle/candle fish in their stomachs. Depths are anywhere from 10’ to 75’. We are still catching pink salmon, but they are starting to slow down.

Halibut were slower this week we had several tough days and then towards the end we had some good catches.

Weather this week was again on the wet and foggy side. Friday we had a really rough ride out to Elfin Cove on the Noble Eagle. Captain Larry did a great job. It rained over an 1”. I hope that this storm we had will get the silvers moving. Normally after a big rain we see a big increase in the catch, so keep your fingers crossed.



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