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July 13th Fishing Update

July is flying by so fast. Already the 13th. Salmon slowed down a bit after the July 1st King salmon opener, but things seem to be back to normal now. We had limits of Silver salmon yesterday and the day before. Several King Salmon also the past few days. Yes still lots of pink salmon. The King Salmon were caught on a dipsy diver. The majority of salmon were caught down the coast. The last 3 days have been near perfect conditions. We had a couple of rough days on the open ocean before that. 124 lb halibut was the biggest of the past week, several other 100 lb were caught.

A trend I am seeing is a change in our guests vision and attitude. I think in the past there was more emphasis on how much can we catch, and now it seems that guests are more into who they are catching these fish with and having a good time no matter what they catch. One of the worst mistake someone can make is promising some fish when they get home, it adds a lot of pressure to the trip, if you come up and just relax and have fun it seems that you will catch more fish.

The forecast looks really good for the next few days! Soak up the sun!!!



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