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July 18th Fishing Update

Is it just me or is time really starting to pick up pace. July 18th already. Seems like we were celebrating the 4th of July just yesterday. Today is what I would call a perfect Alaskan day, overcast with an occasional misty rain band coming thru. Not hot at all, just a nice cool temperature. The last couple days the fishing has slowed a bit. We had a frenzy bite going on for a couple of days. Sitting in my office and I hear the best questions ever, on the radio - can anyone tell us how much a 72 inch halibut weighs? Not 5 minutes later another guest calls in on the radio and wants to know what an 82” halibut weighs? I replied with a you have to be joking. No they insisted, it is longer then my Dad and he is 6’2”! That day we weighed a 222 lb halibut and a 184lb & a 165 lb Halibut & a 108 lb & a 97 lb Halibut. Was a busy night on the dock, filleting and vacuum sealing some very fresh tasty halibut to send home with the guests. Earl Cove, Red can, Cape Spencer, Oregon Trail were the hot spots this week.

Silver salmon are out there but not in huge numbers yet. Pinks are still in high numbers and seem to be everywhere. The silvers that are being caught, are down by Yakobi Rock and down the coast. Pinks are of course still pouring through the pass and headed to the inside waters, I would guess some have already started up the streams. I am expecting this next week to improve with the Silver salmon catch.



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