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July 5th

July 5

What a great 4th of July Independence Day Celebration we had in Elfin Cove. We ate breakfast at the traditional Pancake Breakfast, then we had a parade followed by the Humpy Bobbing Contest, and then the fish toss, Lunch was hot dogs and Chil, the evening was capped off with the Greased Pole Contest, then if that was not enough Eagle Charters put on the best fireworks display I have seen in quit some time. It was amazing! Very grateful to be surrounded by Patriotic Folks!

The Shoreline lodge did their change out today. We had some first time guests at Shoreline who did great! Sometimes it takes some time to figure things out, but they started off their first day with a trophy size 100 lb+ halibut! Great fun group to be around. I think they would have had fun even if the fishing was slow.

On the 3rd we had quite the trip out from Juneau. We saw a bear on the beach at Pt Adolphus, and he was nice enough to let us watch him walk the beach for a few minutes, while we were watching him the Humpback whales starting surfacing in front of us. Lots of cheering and fun sounds coming from the guests. Always keep your eyes open on the way out to Elfin Cove you never know what you will see.

King Salmon are slowing down. But….. someone this week caught a 36” King Salmon off the float plane dock while casting with a trout rod for Dolley Varden. I was not there I have heard the story second hand, I guess the fishermen was a youngster from Hawaii, on a boat just passing thru. Took a very long time to get it in, I guess it came out of the water several times. The next day it was pretty funny I saw at least one person sometimes 6 or more down at the float plane dock casting out hoping for a King Salmon! I expect the King Salmon catch to slow down this coming week. The yearly limit is now 2 King Salmon and on the 15th it changes to 1 per year.

Silver salmon are very much here still, they are being caught at Three Hill at times, down by Yakobi and down the coast seems to be very good fishing for Silvers. I have heard a couple reports of Silvers being caught on the inside waters. Very early for Silvers to be moving through the pass. Normally they do not start moving thru until middle of July. Good sign hopefully we are in for a building Silver run.

Halibut seem to be everywhere now. Tony a local guy in Elfin Cove caught and landed an 81” halibut on the inside waters last week. We saw big halibut come from both the open ocean and the inside waters this week. The Waters Edge Dock had 5 over 100 lbs on one day. Pink Salmon seem to be the bait of choice for most anglers. Keep looking at the NOAA charts and make a game plan. Be ready when you get here. We will help you as much as we can, but the more preparation you do the better and more effective it will be. - - If it is your first time and you have questions, please call or email? We are more than happy to help in preparation before you get here.



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