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June 20 Fishing Update

Feb 20th

Weather is such a huge factor in fishing in Alaska. Last week was very windy and rainy wet conditions. The past few days have been very nice. Blue skies with no rain. Mornings have started out with cold fog then clearing once the sun burned it off. Halibut are starting to show up, we are seeing more normal halibut catches come in. Today alone we have had 3 over 100 lbs, and it is 2:30 so maybe more to come today. Kings are still very much running strong. Pinks and Silvers also seem to be in very good numbers. Pinks have been seen going thru the pass. I predict the halibut fishing gets really good the next few weeks. The pinks and silvers seem to be in the top 30 feet of water soapstone, Yakobi Rock, Three Hill have had reports of catches in these areas. Kings are still much better down the coast much deeper 70’ - 100’ on the down rigger. Spoons and hoochies are what they are primarily hitting on. Halibut are hitting anything from herring to pink salmon to jigs. Love the end of June fishing!



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