Openings for 2017

June 4th week has several openings. This would be a great week for Kings, Halibut, Ling Cod and other rock fish. June 11th has two boats and two rooms left. July 23rd - I just had someone cancel. One boat and one two person room is all I have left for this week. Silvers should be in, great halibut week. Sep 3rd - This is the peak of the silver run, still some halibut but mainly silvers.

Best Valentine Gift Ever...

Kelly and I celebrate our anniversary and Valentine's Day all in one since we were married on Friday the 13th. Each year we try to think of a special gift and try to out do each other.  This year we will celebrate 19 years and Kelly got me a vacuum. Now, some of you are thinking...hey good idea and the rest are cussing him. In his defense it is a iRobot Roomba. What is that?? Only a vacuum that with the push of a button will clean all the floors in the house. For someone like me who is chasing 4 kids, a dog, and helping keep a business running I have found it is a life saver.  Don't worry...he will spoil me further. What am I going to get Kelly? I have no idea but I still have a week to figu

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