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2012 Fishing Summary

What an amazing fishing season we have had! Thank you to all of you who came and shared in the beauty of Elfin Cove and the bounty of the fishing area. So many trophy halibut were caught it is hard to know where to begin. Our first guests arrived early June and what a week they had. I am confident that the most memorable fish is the huge Halibut that got away…Brett, Mike, Joe, Ken, next year! (I know there are many more who have a lost fish story) We saw so many fish caught that were 90+ pounds that it was hard to keep track…our official number is 46 though there is a chance it was higher. The odds of catching one of those trophy fish were about 1 in 3 people. The halibut continued to stay strong through our last week of guests with a 104 pound fish taking the biggest for the week. As we look back through our records the best time for halibut this year was the end of July where we saw weeks with 8+ fish over 100 pounds on the dock…amazing!

The salmon fishing in the Cross Sound area is phenomenal! The king run was strong; many of our guests would go out and get their kings before lunch and then limit on Halibut before dinner. Not to mention all the yellow eye, lingcod and other rock fish that were harvested. As the other salmon began to arrive, the runs were strong and we saw pink salmon, chum salmon and silver salmon on the dock daily. For conditions beyond our control the main silver salmon run was later than expected this year. This made catching them more of a challenge in July and for larger fish when they did finally arrive in large numbers later in August. Once they came in the fishing was fast and furious with limits on the dock daily. Our final week the silvers were in the area strong but so was the wind and although they were there in great number the fishermen had difficulty braving the rough water to catch them. Several days they limited on the spectacular fish. By the end of the season the silvers were weighing in the 17+ pound range.

As we wrap up this season we are spending an extra week at the lodge exploring the fly fishing possibilities in the area. We will spend several days exploring the areas to determine if fly fishing at the end of the season for silvers in the streams is an additional option. We have explored a little around Idaho Inlet and will keep you posted on our fly fishing adventures!

Our biggest fish of the season weighed in at 204 pounds. Again, congratulations Tom…what a magnificent fish and an excellent story! To each of you as you are preparing for fishing with us in the future, set your sights high and let’s catch that 300 pounder!

We wish all of you a successful and happy winter season, as you fish near home and abroad may your line be wet and the fish be biting.

Let’s go fishing!

Kelly & Mary

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