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June 27 - July 4 - 2015

This week we moved our schedule up a day to avoid the 4th of July. I know it sounds like every week I say what a great week! But wow what a great week. This weeks guests were more laid back than the previous week. They stayed in for the most part for hot breakfast.

Halibut are red hot right now, we had so many big ones I lost track, one day we had 5 over 100 lbs, the biggest was 174 lbs caught by Gary from Ogden Utah. The kings were again amazing this week, many limits of kings and we had several days of limits of silvers!

Saturday thru Wednesday were very good weather light winds with very little rain. Thursday was the biggest storm of the year so far, heavy rain with over 30 kt winds. Fishing was limited to the inside waters and Port Althorp and around George Island.

Montana seemed to be the hot spot for the week, but we had big fish caught near Column Point and Lemesurier Island. One thing that seems to be consistent are the Pink salmon for the big halibut. A whole pink salmon seems to be the trick! One of the highlights from the week was Jack’s Yellow Eye, he has been trying to get one for awhile now and finally completed his quest!

AT&T is 4G one day and E the next, when it goes to E only texts and phone calls make it out, no data at all. Free fishing trip for any AT&T repair man to come fix our cell phones!!! :)

Mary and I would like to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July!


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