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July 5 - 11 - 2015

Monday was a bit windy and then it turned really nice. 10 kt winds 2 foot or less was the forecast all week. The open ocean was calm and near perfect conditions. We had rain Wed, Thurs, and Friday.

The biggest Halibut this week was 142 lbs. Halibut was again very good this week. The majority of guests focused more on Halibut than Salmon. On Friday we did have one boat bring in a bunch of nice Silvers/Coho. The biggest one was 13 lbs.

I am starting to work on 2016 reservations. In the past I have held reservations without a deposit. Due to increased demand, I am finding it necessary to have deposits to hold a reservation. I will keep the sign me up page current for open spaces. Thank you to the guests this past week for another great week at Waters Edge in Elfin Cove!


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