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July 12 - 18 - 2015

Weather has finally changed. We have had a great stretch of nice weather this summer. The water has remained very calm but the heavens opened up this week. Very very hard rain at times with off and on showers. Friday was our worst day we had very strong winds that forced the fishermen out of the open ocean.

Halibut remain very strong again this week. The biggest one was 139 lbs and it was caught at Montana, by Jim & Lance from Sacramento CA. Many other trophy halibut were caught this week.

Silvers are in and getting bigger. The fishermen that targeted the Silvers got into them. We had a few Kings caught this week also. The majority of fishermen this week were after Halibut.

Just a quick reminder to look at the new guest page, there are many useful links that will help you in having a successful fishing trip.


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