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Aug 23 - 29 - 2015

We are now in a fall wet stormy pattern for weather. It started last week with a big fall storm we then had several good days of calm winds and now we have another wet windy fall storm upon us. I think we will keep getting this pattern until the fishing season is over.

This week was much better than last week. Silvers/Coho showed up and the guests were able to have some very good experiences out in front of Three Hill. Pink with white seemed to be the color for hoochies, and depth ranged from surface to 80’.

Halibut was again good this week. The biggest this week was 154 lbs. It was caught over at Montana. Many limits of halibut were caught this week. I am expecting the halibut fishing to slow down.

Still many pinks in front of Three Hill. They are schooled up in front of all the streams now. This was a big year for the pinks.


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