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August 14th Week

At this time of year, I am so glad that I am in Alaska where it is nice and wet and cool instead of burning hot. We have really started to turn to fall weather. I was in Juneau this week and I saw yellow leaves falling from trees. Pretty crazy it does not seem like it is time for that to happen yet. We had one really nice sunshiny day and the other days were very much fall like weather. We had heavy rain at times, the cove turned that dark brown color. Should help with the salmon going up the streams.

The Silver/Coho were much better this week. I am still waiting for the peak of the run to hit. The ones that are coming in are nice big ones. We are still seeing tons of Males and not so many Females. That is a very good sign that the run has not peaked. We are catching most of them in front of Three Hill. 80 feet down seems to be the best depth, we did have some caught shallow also. Pinks have all but disappeared in the salt water.

Halibut were better this week than last week. The biggest one was 133 lbs. We also had some nice yellow eye caught. One of the best stories from this week, was the young kid Donavan that landed several fish bigger than he was! Wayne from Farmington is here this week, his son Addison caught a 256 lb halibut last year. So Wayne was hoping to top the 256 lb mark, but the best he could do was a 108 lb Halibut!

This is just my personal opinion, but I think last of August and first of September are the best times to fish. Yes you are risking a fall storm and fall weather, but the Silvers are big and close. Streams are full full of salmon. Pretty amazing also to see the light change so fast, we are losing over 6 minutes of daylight per day.

If anyone out there is feeling poetic and has some free time, go onto Facebook and do a review for us. Always good to hear how your experience was.


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