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Aug 28th Week Fishing Report

Another Slow week for Silvers/Coho. Last week was much different than this week. The guests really had to work to find good Silver fishing. Monday Chris and Jerry went down to Yakobi and brought back one Silver. Tuesday they brought back 9 Silvers and Wednesday they had 6 Silvers.

We had 3 halibut over 100 lbs, the biggest was 120 lbs caught by Kurt and Mike over by Column Point. For the most part the halibut seem to be slowing down.

The big story this week was the weather. Wednesday - Friday were calm sunny beautiful days! Maybe the best weather of the whole summer. We have one more week, so one more fishing report, and then we are going to shift gears into preparing for next year. So please keep watching our blog page. I am hoping to tackle one topic each week and see if we can help educate better for the 2017 season. For example - down rigger operation. If you have never used a down rigger this can be a big task to learn. But if you can do some homework this winter and understand the principles of it your experience will be much better once you arrive at the lodge.

Friday was our best day of the week. Good halibut came in and many limits of Silvers/Coho. And the Silvers that came in were huge. Big nice fatties! We also saw the northern lights on Friday. It was amazing to see the different colors dancing in the sky!

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Arnold Keller. Wishing you a speedy and quick recovery!


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