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July 30th Fishing Report

If you were to ask the guests this week how the silver fishing was I think they would all agree that it was very very good. I feel like it has slowed a bit from the past few weeks. Still very good fishing though many limits of silvers by noon every day! I still do not think the peak of the silver run has hit yet. We are seeing bigger fish now than a few weeks ago.

Halibut has been great this week. We have the Murphy group here from North Dakota and they have been doing really good. Nearly all of the bigger halibut this week came from the open ocean. Fresh pink salmon are the preferred bait. Biggest halibut for the week 195 lbs ( Bob Murphy). Many more over 100 lbs. Halibut fishing continues to be really good this summer!

The open ocean has been calm this whole week. Thursday and Friday we had some wind in the afternoons, but for the most part the week was great weather!

For those of you that have already visited us this summer if you have time would you go to - - this is a link to give us a review on Facebook. Always good to have some feedback?


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