August 20th Fishing Update

Sunday night we had some weather roll in. Ward Air was able to get two planes in and that was it. So about half of our guests had to spend the night in Juneau. The next morning weather was still a problem but Ward Air somehow found a hole and got the rest of the guests in by 7:30am. One thing is for sure Alaska is in charge we just adapt the best we can.

The halibut have slowed quit a bit this week, the biggest this week was 97 lbs.

Silver salmon have been very good all summer, but this week they have slowed also. The guys that fished salmon all day got their limit. But very much different than the week before where limits were caught in just a few hours. The ones that were caught were really nice ones.

Weather was wet this week. The mornings have a crispness to them they did not have last week. Fall is in the air.


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