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2018 Openings

Today we are in Denver, I must say I love the global warming, no snow and 50 degrees in Denver today. We have had a few cancelations for 2018. Click this link and make sure you hit the refresh button to get the latest open weeks for 2018. - -

The rumor on the King Salmon for this year is that the entire Inside Passage is going to be closed for Kings. 1 mile off shore on the outer cast you will be able to keep a King but no official announcement yet, as soon as I hear something I will let you know.

Jan 20 is the other date we are watching, the IPHC meeting is at that time and they will let us know the good or bad news for the halibut fishing for 2018.

Go to the appstore and down load the Navionics App. It is the map that is on the Lowrance Units on the boats. It does cost $14. If you don't want to pay the $14 just wait until your trip and down load the trial version. I use this map all the time very useful! I highly recommend that everyone download it on your phone.


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