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July 14th Fishing Update

Well another week at Waters Edge Lodge in Elfin Cove is in the books. Its amazing how much we prepare and plan and get ready for fishing in hopes that the fish will show up on their appointed time. And then when it happens its almost magical. This year so far has been very different. We still have very low numbers of Pink Salmon. On Monday we had two boats with 11 silvers. When I heard that report on the radio, I took a big deep breath. The week ended with below average numbers for Silvers. Halibut was not red hot this week. We did have three over 100 lbs, the biggest hit the scales at 163 lbs.

Weather started out not great at all. Big swells in the open ocean. Towards the end of the week it got real nice again. We had huge tides this week. Always amazes me to see the water moving through South Pass. I predict when the Pinks hit the coast it is going to go crazy! We are all waiting for them!! On to next week!!


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