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Aug 13 Fishing Update

Yesterday the Shoreline building had a change out day. On our way back out from Juneau all of the guests were in Juneau early and we were able to leave early, it was so nice to have some extra time. We stopped at Pt Adolphus and watched whales for a few minutes. For next year I would really like to make this our standard time for leaving. Please be in the Juneau airport by 1:30pm. It could require that you arrive the day before and spend the night. I will work on getting this communicated to everyone for next year. We also for next year changed some of your dates by one day. The reason for this was to get the Noble Eagle trips to Juneau to have a day off between trips. Double check your dates before you purchase airline tickets.

Silver Salmon fishing has remained the same as the past few weeks. There are times when you find a school, but they are in my opinion slower than they have been in the past. I believe the big schools of Silvers are yet to show up, when this happens in the next few weeks it should be a sight to behold. If I am wrong and they do not show up this will go down as one of the off years for Silvers that we have seen.

Halibut have been hot and cold. I have some guests that have really struggled to find halibut this past week. Then Claire and Dawson go out and catch their limit of nice halibut and Kaela and Kamree go out and land a 186 lb halibut. Captain Larry went out a week ago and got a 83” long halibut. I guess what I am saying is that there is more skill to catching halibut than one might think. There is the finding of a good spot, how to bait or scent in the halibut, then there is the landing and reeling in of a big halibut. I am still getting guests that show up to Elfin Cove and have not read my blog about asking for halibut spots. What I really like is when some one pulls out there maps and starts asking questions about currents and tides and structure, it shows that they have done there homework and are preparing to catch halibut. Get the maps out! Start studying them and figure out a plan of where you wanna try for halibut.



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