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Aug 19th Fishing Update

SILVER SALMON!! It is always important in life to be able to look in the mirror and say wow your an idiot. Or wow I sure got that one wrong. I am here to fully admit that I was wrong. I was getting disappointed in our Silver Salmon on my last blog post. What a change! The big schools of Silver/Coho Salmon are here in abundance. I heard reports in Juneau that the Salmon derby was a bit slow last weekend, wow are they in for a surprise the silvers/coho are on there way in.

We dealt with another good storm that rolled through. We saw heavy rain with some rough open ocean conditions. But the 18th of August summer returned with blue skies and warm temps and calm water. Three Hill and George Island are the places to be for Silver Salmon. There is a bite that comes on each day and if you are there you will see fishing like you have never seen it before! There are times of slowness through out the day, but wow the Silvers are here! The forecast for the rest of the week looks really good!

Halibut has slowed a bit, yesterday the biggest one was 140 lbs.

When is the best time to fish in Elfin Cove? Often a question we get asked. My answer from now on, - The Later the Better - I like this time of year, we may get some fall weather but the silvers are big and plentiful and then you get a nice day like today!



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