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Aug 4 2023

I have been doing this for awhile, and just when you think you have seen it all something comes along. Royden brought a wooden reel he repaired and got working and caught a halibut and some salmon on it. How many can say they have fished with a wooden reel? That was a first for me.

Yes the weather is still great! We are having fog to begin our mornings, but it burns off quickly and turns to sunshine. And yes the open ocean is still calm! Yahoo!!!

Biggest halibut last week was 146 lb halibut, Ryodens boat caught it. Way to go guys! The halibut seem to be moving in with the Pink Salmon we are seeing better fishing for halibut on the inside waters now.

Yes still lots of pinks. I keep thinking that they are going to slow down, but nope not as of yet.

The jelly fish are still driving us nuts. Had a nice 33" King brought in this past week. Silvers were actually a bit slower then last week, I would blame that on the Jelly fish and the Pink Salmon.



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