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May 29th update

May 29th

Dundas Bay, Idaho Inlet, Inian Islands, Lemesurier Island, Fern Harbor, George Island, Three Hill Island, Bird Island, Column Point Lisianski Inlet, Yakobi Rock, The Saddle, Cape Spencer, The Laundry Chute, Grandpas Secret Spot, Larsen rock, Casino, Sally. Saying those names should get your blood pumping just a little bit! It is time to get serious about fishing! I went home for a few days to attend Claires High School Graduation. Upon our return the weather has really changed, very sunny and very warm. The snow is really coming off the mountains now.

King salmon are starting to show up, it is not red hot yet, but there seem to be some down the coast. Halibut are very normal from what I can tell, and of course the rock fish and ling cod also. Most of our big projects are done so this next week we will focus on getting the crew trained for the summer and catch some fish! We stayed up late one night hoping to see the northern lights and then the fog rolled in so we went back to bed.

Alaska Air Lines is still changing flights occasionally, I am grateful for the service they provide for us to get to Alaska. If your flight got changed to the 3:12 flight that is ok we will wait for you in the airport before we depart for Elfin Cove.



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