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May 4th

May 4th Update

We have made some trips to Elfin Cove with boats, so far every trip has been great. Love it when the water is so calm you can see the reflections of the mountains. Today we add a few more to our crew, Bronco & Kaela, Bob, Mike, Dawson, Parker arrive today. Time to start deep cleaning all the kitchens and guest bedrooms.

For those that are fishing with us for the first time. Please take some time and review, study, memorize all of this information. - - This page has some links to other websites to help prepare you for your trip. The ADF&G site is very important, it is your responsibility to know the regulations and make sure you are following them exactly. I do not tolerate any breaking of the rules/regulations. If you make a mistake and do something wrong you will be required to call the 1-800-478-3377 and self report your violation. If you witness someone else violating any of the regulations please feel free to report them to the ADF&G.

Another link that is very good to become familiar with is the Navionics Charts - - This is the map that will be on the Lowrance GPS unit on your boat. Become familiar with the area, Three Hill, George Island things like this. Start looking at the tide tables for your fishing dates and make a plan to maximize your fishing time. If you have questions please feel free to call, email me anytime. I am happy to talk fishing and help you do some homework before you arrive. For extra credit you can go to the App Store and down load the app to your phone.

This is a great link for beginners to read about catching salmon -

We still have not been fishing yet, hope to get out there soon!



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