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Secret to Halibut Fishing!

July 30 2021 Halibut Patience!

What is the one thing that keeps showing up when it comes to someone catching big halibut and lots of halibut? The sharpness of their hooks? Maybe? The freshness of their bait? Sometimes? The size of their boat? No not usually? Age? Maybe the older wiser are better at halibut fishing? Addison Bennett was 15 years old when he landed a 256 lb Halibut (Waters Edge Lodge Record) so I do not think age is the big factor. Anyone guessed it yet? Patience! Yes Patience is the key. A couple of years ago, Rob and John and Karen sat on Sally all day without a bit, then within a 1/2 hour they caught a 92,94,98 lb halibut. Today Steve and Ken sat on Sally all day and came back with a really nice load of halibut. 4 years ago they were sitting over on the other side by the Island in 60’ of water when they had three big halibut on, they ended up landing 2 of them. Patience is the key. Do not move, find a good spot and make camp, anchor up, get settled in, get your bait on the bottom and don’t move! Patience is the key to halibut fishing!



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