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September 1st Fishing Update

September 1st 2021

Wow looking back over the photos from this summer! What a summer we had here in Elfin Cove. Today the weather is good again, not as sunny as yesterday, but very nice and calm winds. I love September the light coming thru the cove in the evening is amazing. I would say that the halibut are slowing down. But keep in mind that their are different people in the same boats and the same water each week, just saying it is a factor. Silvers are big, yesterday I talked to lots of boats that limited by noon. Also some that did not limit. What seems to happen is that if you go after silvers as your first priority then halibut you do ok, if you go for halibut and then silvers second you may miss the bite and miss the silvers. For future years I recommend that this time of year you have silver salmon as your first priority, it is the best time to fish for them, they are close and big. I still feel that the main schools of Silver salmon are still set to arrive. Might happen after we leave. The Waters Edge Building shuts down tomorrow then Shoreline and then Mossy Ridge on the 5th. Jeremy and Breanna and Justen are staying in Elfin Cove for a week or so to finish all the shut down stuff. Matt will go to Juneau and put the boats away. Been a good summer but time for a change.



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