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September 2nd Update

Fall arrived today. Supposed to be some high winds and lots of rain. The days leading up to this fall storm were amazing checkout the sunset photos. Silvers are still going crazy, this past week it changed to very slow to very hot. It was very quiet then when the bite would come on it was really hot fishing. Three Hill George Island were the hot spots. Ron reported the pink hoochie as the one to have. Rob & Ron said they limited every day. Love this time of year! The silvers are big and there seems to be lots of them. They seem to be shallow most everyone reported catching them 30’ and up.

Halibut are still not red hot, but……. Dawn and Jon went out by bird island anchored up in 60’ of water and landed a 223 lb halibut! We also had 2 112 lb halibut yesterday, they were taken from Larsen hump/the bicycle seat, and the 277 spot, gotta come up with a good name for the 277lb halibut spot.

One more week to go and the season will be officially over for 2022.



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