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June 7 - 13 - 2015

Wind was the story this week. We had several days that limited our fishing due to strong wind and rough sea conditions. The kings were all caught down on the outer coast. The halibut hot spot seemed to be Texas. Temperatures were also colder than average for the week. We are seeing Pinks on the outer coast, looks the forecast for them was correct, supposed to be tons of pinks this year. We also had a few silvers and some chum brought in. Chef Bruce has made some great changes for this summer! Grab and go breakfast has been improved and dinner meals are better than ever! If it is your first time fishing in Elfin Cove with us, you can not study the ADF&G regulations enough, and also the NOAA charts of the area. Please do some homework so you are more prepared when you arrive to catch the big one! Biggest halibut for the week was 140 lbs.


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