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July 26 - Aug 1 - 2015

Friday was our best weather day, no rain and nice calm water. All of the other days were about the same, showers with heavy rain at times. The open ocean was not calm but not horrible.

Halibut this week was about average. We saw many limits and many trophy halibut brought in. The biggest was 121 lbs.

The Silvers/Coho are the big story, we are still seeing low catch rates for Silvers. We had one boat every day almost with their limit, but many other boats with just pinks. Normally we do not keep pinks but this week many of the guests took pinks home with them. I believe the big schools of Silvers are still off shore. Last year at this time we had the earth quake and that seemed to slow both halibut and salmon. Not sure what they are waiting for this year, but we are anxious for them to show up.


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