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Holy Halibut!

An 80 lb Halibut is in my opinion a trophy Halibut. A 100 lb Halibut is just amazing. But a 150 lb Halibut is a rare trophy. Randy went out fishing for the first time, and got 0, the 2nd time he went out he brought back a 145 lb Halibut! When you see Randy this summer ask him the story! It got away three times! The fishing report I have for this week is that the guided lodges in our area are saying the king salmon fishing is very slow. The Waters Edge staff have only fished a couple of times we have been busy getting the lodge and boats ready for this summer. Next week we plan to fish more all of the projects are nearly completed. Very anxious to start the season officially with the arrival of our first guests. Mary and the kids arrive tomorrow! Very excited for them to arrive here with us!

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