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2016 Season Summary

This spring we got to Elfin Cove on May 4th. We closed and winterized the lodge on Sep 14th. A big thank you to Chris Peter and Manhatten Plumbing from Bozeman Montana. We are three years in a row now with no leaks in the spring. Chris does a great job getting the water out of the lines.

Thank you thank you to all of our guests that fished with us this summer! We really appreciate your support. Thank you also to our staff this summer! We have the best staff in the world. Bruce, Jake & Sheila did another amazing job at keeping our tummies happy. Mike, Adam, Kip, Buck, Justin, Caleb, Kern & Rob did an amazing job taking care of the boats and processing the fish this year. And Kaela, Kara and Linda did an amazing job and cleaning up after all of us!

The biggest Halibut caught by a guest was 210 lbs Jerry from Heber Utah. The biggest one for the summer was 223 lbs, caught by my Dad Kern over in Dundas Bay. The halibut fishing was again amazing this summer. We were right on our average for halibut over 100 lbs. We again saw the halibut slow down about mid August. The peak of the halibut seemed to be the week of July 24th. That was the week the guys from Seattle caught some monster halibut in 60' of water. Best bait for halibut this summer seem to be Pink Salmon. This winter I will do an article on our blog about pinks for halibut bait - stay tuned!

King/Chinook Salmon this year were below our average. Nothing like the last two years. The majority of them were caught down the coast past Yakobi Rock.

Silvers/Coho showed up just like normal around the middle of June. We saw good fishing for them until July 17th. From July 17th to middle of August they were very hard to find. Out of the 6 years I have been in Elfin Cove I would rate this year as the worst for Silvers. They just seem to be holding out in the open ocean longer. One of the bright spots for them was the size in late August. They were massive big Coho!

Weather was by far the best weather I have ever experienced in Alaska. We had about a 6 week stretch of flat open ocean, and warm blue sky conditions. August was very normal, very wet, and we ended up the year with a 35 kt gale the last day of the year on Sep 9th.


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