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July 16th week

Sometimes fishing is more than just fishing. Last year a week before Greg Hand was supposed to visit Elfin Cove he was in an accident. He was not able to fish last year, so he spent the entire year doing physical therapy and getting ready for his fishing trip. What an emotional moment when he showed up at the photo dock with a 71" halibut in the boat on Monday evening. Couldn't have happened to a better guy!

This week was pretty good for weather. Thursday and Friday were a bit bumpy in the open ocean, Wednesday was flat smooth calm. Another wet week, we did see the sun a few times but mainly over cast the entire week with a shower now and again.

Silvers were really good till Thursday then the bite seemed to slow down quite a bit. Pinks are still going crazy. I expect the silver to slow down a bit, but get bigger each week. This week we really saw a difference in the size.

There are many trollers out in the open ocean, most I have seen in a long time. To many to count, but I would guess 150 or more.

Many halibut this week, the biggest was Greg's 173 lb Halibut. Biggest one for the summer so far. We are now catching halibut inside as good as outside. Earl Cove, Sally, Saddle all are seeing good halibut fishing.

The tides were very small this week also, I think that helped in fishing for the halibut. Looking forward to next week. I don't want to jinx it but the forecast says sunshine next week!!


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