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June 22nd Fishing Update

The big news for this week is - where are the Kings - The forecast for the King salmon fishing this year was not good, and it looks like so far the forecasters are correct. We have seen no Pinks yet and just one silver.

Halibut fishing on the other hand, is great. We had several halibut over 100 lbs. The biggest one was 137 lbs.

The weather was very dry, not much rain at all. There was a big storm North West of us Monday and Tuesday that created some big swells in the open ocean.

Many black rock fish caught this week.

We are trying to open the stomachs more of all the fish this year to do more research on what they are eating. The Black Rock fish seem to have tiny shrimp most common. Halibut are all over the board crab, rock fish, squid, bait bags.

Sunday we had major fog planes would not fly. Luckily Juneau Whale Watching helped us out and brought our guests out on Sunday night. It was a late night, but we were grateful to get everyone in on Sunday.


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