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June 30 Fishing Update

Wow what a week! I must commend the fishermen this week. They were outstanding! Kings were much much better this week. Many guests limited on King Salmon this week. We had one pink brought in, and a few silvers and I think one chum.

The weather was more on the dry side, Thursday and Friday were the wettest days. Monday was the windiest day, we had pretty much light winds the entire week.

Ryan now has the biggest halibut for the year at 214 lbs! He and Devin were able to get it to the boat and somehow pulled it in. With Yellow Eye and Ling Cod and King Salmon in made for a great photo. The catamaran ride in was a lot of fun listening to all of the stories and see the fishermen just exhausted and tired from a full week of battling fish!

A reminder to all of the new guests. Blue on the map is shallow and stop signs on the map do not mean stop look both way and proceed with caution!

The craziest story of the week was when Tom went back after the halibut that had been stolen by a sea lion and was able to harpoon the half the sea lion and left and not eaten, so I guess we need a 1/2 of a 100 lb club pink now?


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