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Aug 27 Update

Aug 27 Fishing Update

Silver Salmon remain strong this week. Three Hill George Island are the hot spots. They seem to be in the top 30’ of water. Ron is using a red flasher with a pink hoochie. I also heard white, and blue and purple. I really do not think it matters what you use, when the bite is on the bite is on. Weather this week was really good, the last day was the roughest on the open ocean. Several guests reported seeing fins on the surface SHARKS! Salmon sharks are out there! Rain was light this past week, was a very nice fall weather pattern. The forecast for the next week looks like rain. Halibut was much slower this week, not for a lack of effort the guests tried everything we could think of but the halibut bite was slow. Not sure if it was the slow currents or what hopefully next week will improve. Biggest halibut for the week was 148 lbs nice job Dan and crew!



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