Aug 21st Week Fishing Report

The good news this week is that we had many boats limit this week on Silvers! We had some really big ones also, one was over 19 lbs. We had limits come from Three Hill and also Yakobi. Depths ranged anywhere from 110 to on the surface. We had several guys this week use a dispsey diver and seem to really like it more than the down riggers. Halibut in the fall normally slow down, and for the most part it has, but we had 5 halibut over 100 lbs this week, which was not to bad. Pinks have all but disappeared in the salt water. Wednesday & Thursday we had very dense fog. And it rained this week a bunch the cove is all brown again from the run off coming off the mountain. It always amazes me

August 14th Week

At this time of year, I am so glad that I am in Alaska where it is nice and wet and cool instead of burning hot. We have really started to turn to fall weather. I was in Juneau this week and I saw yellow leaves falling from trees. Pretty crazy it does not seem like it is time for that to happen yet. We had one really nice sunshiny day and the other days were very much fall like weather. We had heavy rain at times, the cove turned that dark brown color. Should help with the salmon going up the streams. The Silver/Coho were much better this week. I am still waiting for the peak of the run to hit. The ones that are coming in are nice big ones. We are still seeing tons of Males and not

Aug 7th week Fishing Report

I normally fly back to Elfin Cove on Saturday afternoon. The fog was so thick Saturday I could not fly back. Sunday was worse than Saturday. So instead of flying out on float planes we were able to take the Allen Marine Catamaran out. We got in late but it was much better than having to stay in Juneau. Mother Nature is in charge so we adapt. Thank you to all of the guests for being patient. This week was much better than last week for Salmon fishing. We had two Kings caught this week. Biggest one was 30 lbs. Most of the Silvers were caught in front of Three Hill, about 30' down. I expect the Silver fishing to get better and better each week from here on out. There were many males

July 31st Week Fishing Report

This was a very interesting week. The weather was pretty good we had a couple of rough water days with a few showers but for the most part it was a good weather week. The big story the Silvers. I thought we were going to have a good week fishing for Silvers but it was pretty slow. On Friday we had two boats get their limit some others that were close. So cross your fingers next week is normal again! Halibut was much slower than last week. The biggest was caught by Randy 129 lbs. They were headed in at 5:00pm on Friday and decided to try one last spot. They had three on at once, they landed two a 129, 110 and lost the biggest one and were in only 70 feet of water. What a way to end th

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