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Aug 7th week Fishing Report

I normally fly back to Elfin Cove on Saturday afternoon. The fog was so thick Saturday I could not fly back. Sunday was worse than Saturday. So instead of flying out on float planes we were able to take the Allen Marine Catamaran out. We got in late but it was much better than having to stay in Juneau. Mother Nature is in charge so we adapt. Thank you to all of the guests for being patient.

This week was much better than last week for Salmon fishing. We had two Kings caught this week. Biggest one was 30 lbs. Most of the Silvers were caught in front of Three Hill, about 30' down. I expect the Silver fishing to get better and better each week from here on out. There were many males this week that had started to get a hooked nose. Pinks are still being caught but they are starting to fade quickly. I always wonder if anyone is reading my fishing reports? So for those coming next week, if someone can tell me what the ADF&G state record is for Coho, I will give away a free hoody to the first person to tell me the correct weight?

Biggest Halibut for the week was caught by Sonny 131 lbs. Halibut for the most part were harder to find this week.

Weather was not ideal, Monday Tuesday were tough days and Wed - Friday were about average. It is for sure not summer any more. Starting to feel like fall. Temps have not changed much, but the weather patterns are for sure more wet than a few weeks ago. But who cares about the weather the Silvers are in!!!!


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