2016 Season Summary

This spring we got to Elfin Cove on May 4th. We closed and winterized the lodge on Sep 14th. A big thank you to Chris Peter and Manhatten Plumbing from Bozeman Montana. We are three years in a row now with no leaks in the spring. Chris does a great job getting the water out of the lines. Thank you thank you to all of our guests that fished with us this summer! We really appreciate your support. Thank you also to our staff this summer! We have the best staff in the world. Bruce, Jake & Sheila did another amazing job at keeping our tummies happy. Mike, Adam, Kip, Buck, Justin, Caleb, Kern & Rob did an amazing job taking care of the boats and processing the fish this year. And Kaela,

Sep 3rd Fishing Report

Wet wild week! We finished up our 2016 fishing season on Friday not fishing. The wind speed at Cape Spencer was 55 knots. 1.3 mph in a knot. The storm hit about 2:30 in the morning. Heavy rain with high winds. The Silver salmon this week were not red hot but the ones we were able to catch were very big! I had some groups do good almost getting to their limit. The biggest Halibut for the week was 108 lbs, caught by Chuck and Todd!

Aug 28th Week Fishing Report

Another Slow week for Silvers/Coho. Last week was much different than this week. The guests really had to work to find good Silver fishing. Monday Chris and Jerry went down to Yakobi and brought back one Silver. Tuesday they brought back 9 Silvers and Wednesday they had 6 Silvers. We had 3 halibut over 100 lbs, the biggest was 120 lbs caught by Kurt and Mike over by Column Point. For the most part the halibut seem to be slowing down. The big story this week was the weather. Wednesday - Friday were calm sunny beautiful days! Maybe the best weather of the whole summer. We have one more week, so one more fishing report, and then we are going to shift gears into preparing for next year.

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