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May 16 - 2015

The 15th of April we started our journey north. First stop was Bremerton WA to pick up 4 new boats. My friend Ken and his buddies helped me get the boats to Bellingham and on the 21st of April we arrived on the ferry in Juneau. After a week or so of getting boats ready we headed for Elfin Cove. The weather so far has been great. We had a few building projects this spring. We built a new rain gear room for both lodges. Bryton is rigging all the new boats with GPS/FF, Marine radios. Jessie and Josie are busy cleaning all the inside of the buildings. Bob is busy doing the yearly maintenance on all the buildings, Chris with Manhatten Plumbing is responsible for no leaks this year Yahoo! Can’t wait to get fishing! We still have a few openings late in the season and July 5th if anyone is interested please call me. Looking forward to a great season!


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